Bonnie Critchley

As an 18 year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, Bonnie has seen a great deal of ugliness in the world. During her seven month tour in Afghanistan, Bonnie's latent interest in photography flourished. Limited for the duration of her tour to a camera phone, Bonnie returned to Canada to find a camera that would allow her to do so much more.


Now armed with both an SLR and a DSLR, Bonnie has grown as a photographer. Specializing in wildlife and landscapes, Bonnie strives to show the world that beauty not only still exists, but can be found in your backyard. She is based in Calgary, Alberta.

Shows and Exhibitions

LoveCraft Gallery - Home Gallery: March, 2014 - June, 2015

Beacon Original Art  - Fall Sale: October 18th, 2014



Heart of a Soldier Exhibition - travelling show:  -  Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton Alberta, 7-10 August 2014                    -  Mewata Armouries in Calgary Alberta, 15-16 August 2014

                                                                              -  Further Dates TBC



Canadian Military Families Magazine - Published photographs, Autumn 2014 Issue